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March 20: Virginia Convention of Delegates for the Counties and Corporations in the Colony of Virginia

    Patriots: Henry Pendleton


Apr 18:  The British cross the Charles River


Apr 19:  Battle of Lexington / Concord

   Patriots: Peter Talbot;  John Anger


April 19, 1775 to March 17, 1776: Siege of Boston:


May 10: The Second Continental Congress convenes in Philadelphia and remains in session throughout the war.

May 10: First Battle of Ticonderoga


May 28: Battle of Freetown, MA (Mount Hope Bay Raids)

     Patriot: Benjamin Hyde


Jun 12: Battle of Machias, Maine (Capture of the "Margaretta")

   Patriots: Benjamin Foster


Jun 17: Bunker Hill

   Patriots: Lemuel Bolles;   Francis Blanchard;  John Hyde


Sep 17 to Nov 3, 1775: Siege of Fort St. Jean

Nov 4: Battle of Kemp's Landing


Dec 31: Battle of Quebec

   Patriots: Sgt. John Kelso;  Germain Dionne

    Service during 1775 (unspecified) Patriots: David Feaster (1775-1776)


Feb 27: Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge

Mar 17, 1776: British troops withdraw from Boston

May 15-16: Battle of the Cedars

Jun 28: Battle of Sullivan's Island

Jul 4: Signing of the Declaration of Independence


Aug 27: Battle of Long Island (Battle of Brooklyn)

    Patriots: Jacob Bushman


Sep 22: Nathan Hale executed in New York

Oct 28: Battle of White Plains

Nov 16: Battle of Fort Washington


Dec 6: British Forces take Newport, Phode Island

    Patriots: Obadiah Adams


Dec 26: Battle of Trenton

    Patriots: Thomas Wm Gaines  


Jan 3: Battle of Princeton

    Patriots: Thomas Wm Gaines 

January 6: Washington's Army sets up Winter Quarters at Morristown, New Jersey


    Patriot: Isaac North


May 17: Battle of Thomas Creek

Jul 5-6: Second Battle of Ticonderoga (or Battle of Valcour Island)


Augt 6: Battle of Oriskany

   Patriots: William Dunlap


Aug 16: Battle of Bennington

Sep 11: Brandywine

     Patriots: John Kelso,  Burnwell Burchett


Sep 19: Battle of Freeman's Farm (First Battle of Saratoga)


Sepr 26: General Howe Marches 9,000 troops into Philadelphia


Oct 4: Battle of Germantown

    Patriots: John Kelso


Oct 6: Battle of Fort Clinton and Fort Montgomery

     Patriots: William Keyser


Oct 7: Battle of Bemis Heights (Second Battle of Saratoga)


Oct 17: General Burgoyne surrenders at Saratoga, bringing France fully into the war

    Patriots: Lemuel Bolles;   Francis Blanchard


Nov. 16 - British capture Fort Mifflin, Pennsylvania

Dec. 5-7 - Americans repulse British at Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania


Dec. 19 - Washington's army retires to winter quarters at Valley Forge

    Patriots: Burnwell Burchett,  William Keyser,   John Kelso


Feb. 6: The United States and France sign the French Alliance

March 7: British General William Howe replaced by Henry Clinton

May 20: Battle of Barren Hill

June: The British abandon Philadelphia in fear of the French navy.


June 28: Battle of Monmouth Courthouse

   Patriots: Jonathan Greene; William Keyser


July 3: Wyoming Valley Massacre


August 29: Battle of Rhode Island

    Patriots: George Streeter


November 11: Cherry Valley Massacre


July 16: Battle of Stony Point

    Patriots: William Keyser


September 16 to October 18: Siege of Savannah

    Patriot: Dudley Bonds (Service from 1779-1781)



Mar 29 to May 12: Siege of Charleston

Aug 16: Battle of Camden


Oct 7: Battle of Kings Mountain



    Patriot: Nathaniel Hinkley (Oct - Nov)


Jan 6: Battle of New Jersey

Jan 17: Battle of Cowpens

Mar 15: Battle of Guilford Court House


Apr - Oct

     Patriot: John Howard Jr.


September 28 to October 19: Battle of Yorktown

   Patriots: Francis Blanchard ; John Kelso ; Germain Dionne


Sep 3: The Treaty of Paris is signed, officially ending the War for Independence


Jan 14: Congress ratifies the Treaty of Paris


Sep 15: The United States Constitution is approved by unanimous vote

Sep 17: John Hancock and 38 others sign the Constitution


July 2: The United States Constitution is ratified when New Hampshire becomes the 9th state to approve it.