March 20: Virginia Convention of Delegates for the Counties and Corporations in the Colony of Virginia

    Patriots: Henry Pendleton


Apr 18:  The British cross the Charles River


Apr 19:  Battle of Lexington / Concord

   Patriots: Peter Talbot;  John Anger


April 19, 1775 to March 17, 1776: Siege of Boston:


May 10: The Second Continental Congress convenes in Philadelphia and remains in session throughout the war.

May 10: First Battle of Ticonderoga


May 28: Battle of Freetown, MA (Mount Hope Bay Raids)

     Patriot: Benjamin Hyde


Jun 12: Battle of Machias, Maine (Capture of the "Margaretta")

   Patriots: Benjamin Foster


Jun 17: Bunker Hill

   Patriots: Lemuel Bolles;   Francis Blanchard;  John Hyde


Sep 17 to Nov 3, 1775: Siege of Fort St. Jean

Nov 4: Battle of Kemp's Landing


Dec 31: Battle of Quebec

   Patriots: Sgt. John Kelso;  Germain Dionne

    Service during 1775 (unspecified) Patriots: David Feaster (1775-1776)