The Sons of Liberty Chapter Welcomes Our Most Recent Members

(Random Order)

Frederick Bagnall and sons - Karl  and Kyle 

Daniel Lewis and sons - Bennet  and Nathan* 

Walter Lauzon

Brad Grady

Glenn Reasoner

Todd Sheerin

Mark Hill

Bryan Horsman

Jack McMorrow

Camille Chidiac and sons - Theodoro & Jackson

Robert Jacobs 

Zachary Becker

Daniel Jacobs 

Gary DuBois

Colin Dubois

Michael Locke

David Locke 

Karee Naptune 

Joseph Fortune

Bejamin Fortun

Kevin Downey 

Daniel Curtis

Joseph Reid 

Edward Lundie

Richard Gildersleeve


* youngest chapter member -age 4


Kyle Hutchinson

Thomas Fraser

Dr. Craig Paterson

Brian Foote

Peter Cagney

Mark Malebranche