Sons of Liberty

Named best Chapter in the USA six times by the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution!

Certificate of Honor from the State of California in recognition of promoting history, education and patriotism.

Honored by the State of California Assembly Speaker's Resolution 334 for patriotic service.

Certificate of Recognition from the California State Assembly for service to the community.

Certificate of Commendation by the City of Los Angeles by Resolution for patriotic service.

Honored by City of Pico Rivera Proclamation for patriotic service in 2012.

Recognized by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in 2012 for fostering historical awareness.


Presidents of the Los Angeles Chapter



1908 BG John G. Chandler
1909 BG John G. Chandler
1910 BG John G. Chandler
1911 John T. Griffith
1912 John T. Griffith
1913 Harvey R. Warren
1914 Harvey R. Warren
1925 Edwin E. Cox
1926 Edwin E. Cox
1927 Edwin E. Cox
1928 Dr. Lyman B. Stookey
1929 Dr. Lyman B. Stookey
1930 Hon. Albert L. Stephens
1931 Hon. Albert L. Stephens
1932 Orra E. Monnette
1933 Orra E. Monnette
1934 Orra E. Monnette
1935 Orra E. Monnette
1936 Capt. Raymond A. Nelson
1937 Capt. Raymond A. Nelson
1938 Capt. Raymond A. Nelson
1939 Capt. Raymond A. Nelson
1940 Capt. Raymond A. Nelson
1941 Capt. Raymond A. Nelson
1942 Harry C. Mabry
1943 Harry C. Mabry
1944 Harry C. Mabry
1945 Harry C. Mabry
1946 Harry C. Mabry
1947 Harry C. Mabry
1948 Harry C. Mabry
1949 Harry C. Mabry
1950 George W. Loring
1951 George W. Loring
1952 Harry H. Beall
1953 Harry H. Beall
1954 Morton Harvey
1955 Morton Harvey
1956 Col. Warren S. Eaton
1957 Col. Warren S. Eaton
1958 Smith B. Davis
1959 Glendon C. Hall
1960 Glendon C. Hall
1961 Glendon C. Hall
1962 John Yeiser
1963 George H. Todt
1964 Cmdr. Walt P. Robinson, Jr./Paul McR. Jones
1965 Robert C. Cahall
1966 James F. Dixon
1967 Eugene S. Bradford
1968 Donald D. Manchester
1969 Donald D. Manchester
1970 Hon. William F. Mendenhall
1971 Hon. William F. Mendenhall
1972 Hon. William F. Mendenhall
1973 Hon. William F. Mendenhall
1974 Hon. William F. Mendenhall
1975 Hon. William F. Mendenhall
1976 Burnell H. Blanchard
1977 Capt. Max K. Hurlbut
1978 Capt. Max K. Hurlbut
1979 Capt. Max K. Hurlbut
1980 Capt. Max K. Hurlbut
1981 John R. Justice / Don Moran*
1982 John R. Justice / Don Moran*
1983 John R. Justice / Don Moran*
1984 LtCol James Bellah, II
1985 LtCol James Bellah, II
1986 Roger E. Robertson
1987 Roger E. Robertson
1988 D.F. Bill Semerau
1989 Robert C. Emrey, Jr.
1990 Robert C. Emrey, Jr.
1991 Robert C. Emrey, Jr.
1992 Donald H. McLaughlin
1993 Donald H. McLaughlin
1994 Richard H. Breithaupt
1995 Richard H. Breithaupt
1996 James C. McHargue
1997 James C. McHargue
1998 Berni K. Campbell
1999 Berni K. Campbell
2000 Kenneth Walker
2001 Glenn Gujda
2002 Glenn Gujda
2003 Glenn Gujda
2004 W. Scott Campbell
2005 W. Scott Campbell
2006 W. Scott Campbell
2007 David M. Hayball
2008 David M. Hayball
2009 Doug Bradley
2010 Mel Harrell
2011 Col. Gary M. Bohannon
2012 Col. Gary M. Bohannon
2013 Mark L. Ladd
2014 Mark L. Ladd
2015 Col. David G. Smith
2016 Col. David G. Smith
2017 Gen. David G. Smith

L.A. - 1909


* The Los Angeles Chapter and the Sons of Liberty operated concurrently until the Los Angeles Chapter was absorbed by the Sons of Liberty. The Founding Members of the Sons of Liberty included many Los Angeles Chapter members.

Founding members of the Sons of Liberty Chapter: Charles Bernard, James Bellah, Clifton Brooks, Sr., Arden Brame, Berni Campbell, Robert Emrey, Glendon Hall, Thomas Hatton, Bruce Jagger, John Justice, Donald McDowell, Don Moran, Troy Reed, Roger Robertson, Palmer Scheppe, Robert Steele, and William Tullia.

Our Chapter's First President

The Sons of the American Revolution was established in Los Angeles in 1908, and the first chapter president was Brigadier General John G. Chandler, a Union veteran of the Civil War.

General Chandler was an 1853 graduate of West Point, and Chief Quartermaster of the Department of West Virginia, at the war's outbreak, being engaged in the battles of Carnifex Ferry, Shiloh, Pittsburg Landing, and Perryville. He was then Chief Quartermaster of the Nineteenth Army Corps (Department of the Gulf), Nov. 17, 1862, to Aug. 1, 1865, being present at the Siege of Port Hudson, Expedition to Sabine Pass, Red River Expedition, Mansfield, and Battle of Pleasant Hill.

He was promoted to Bvt. Colonel, Mar. 13, 1865, for Gallant and Meritorious Services during the Rebellion, and ended his military career as Brigadier General, Chief Quartermaster, Department of California, San Francisco, in 1894.  He is buried in the Presidio cemetery.

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