"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." Patrick Henry
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Our chapter hosts a companion web site, which features fully researched articles on the Revolutionary War, including battles, events, weapons, and biographies of General George Washington and other patriots who fought to win freedom for the American Colonies. This is a great resource for teachers and students studying our country's founding.

Please help our effort to get American history back in schools. We are an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit. Donations may be tax deductible.


Welcome to the Sons of Liberty Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution

We Honor Their Sacrifice

The Sons of Liberty is part of the Sons of the American Revolution. Part of Los Angeles since 1908, we are a historical, educational, and patriotic organization that seeks to maintain and extend the institutions of American freedom, an appreciation for true patriotism, a respect for our national symbols, the value of American citizenship and the unifying force of "e pluribus unum" that has created, from the people of many nations, one nation and one people.

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We do this by perpetuating the stories of patriotism, courage, sacrifice, tragedy, and triumph of the men who achieved the independence of the American people in the belief that these stories are universal ones of man's eternal struggle against tyranny, relevant to all time, and will inspire and strengthen each succeeding generation as it too is called upon to defend our freedoms on the battlefield and in our public institutions.

Join us today and get involved in one of the following youth and educational outreach programs in greater Los Angeles.

You can join the Sons of Liberty immediately and without proof of a qualifying Patriot Ancestor! We are here to help you find your link to the Revolution.

YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED to our FREE monthly genealogical workshop held in Los Angeles the third Saturday of every month. Check our schedule for the latest information.